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I'm selling jewelry again on Etsy. Mainly shrinky-dink stuff for now. I just dont have the time to do more intricate beadwork. :P I'm going to finally do the print work I wanted with some of my photography and glass. I'll put that stuff up on Etsy too. Maybe some of my paintings as well. Yay for creativity! :)

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Me again!
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Cruisin for a Bruisin!

TB: Team Eric+Sookie 2 - by bluebear_74
You bitches better be there. Here's the redneck version of the commercial.

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Me again!

Interested in roller derby?  Come to our Recruitment Meeting on Sept 13 at The Cherokee Inn!  The meeting will begin at 7pm!  Whether you are interested in becoming a skater, ref, coach, cheerleader, or just a volunteer, this meeting is for YOU! We except all skill levels!  Don't want to skate?  There are many non-skating positions such as standing refs, bench coaches, cheerleaders, and volunteers.  Guys can join in the fun too!!!  We are in need of refs, support staff, and volunteers.

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Downgrade - by pessimistchick
Never get a car from Patty Peck Honda.  NEVER EVER.

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