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15 March 1982
Hi! I'm Soadchik! I am the webmaster for Tougaloo College. I am a graduate of USM (majored in Software Engineering/Design Computing). I love metal, punk, black metal, metalcore, southern metal, and industrial! I also do a bit of goth/fetish modeling and photography for fun :) My new obsession is roller derby!!! I am a blocker for Jacktown Smack Down. (a team of the Magnolia Roller Vixens)

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Date Created:2003-12-19
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I'm Sumati.. webdesigner, music geek, metalhead.
Strengths: friendly, nice, artistic, caring
Weaknesses: quiet, shy, shopaholic
Special Skills: photography, webdesign, painting, drawing
Weapons: a mouse & keyboard, a digital camera, my friends, my passion
Loves: Brian, my friends, my family, Martini, art, expression, roller derby!!!

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I got hitched!!!! Oct 1, 2005!!!!! :)

Random Piccies Time!!!!

brian & me

me & blackroses21_18

Me and kawaii_suesse

kawaii_suesse, amalie_, & me

Martini, my adorable, lovable cat!